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Our strategic approach to management consulting combines financial and human elements, taking account of your needs as the business owner and the development of your succession team.

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Business development and strategies

If you're like most local business owners in Bendigo, when you went into business you had a vision of what you wanted to achieve – what you wanted out of the business.

Have you realised that vision? Is your personal income meeting your financial needs?

How effectively can your employees run the business in your absence?

Are you comfortable that you have everything in place for when you are ready to transition out of the business? Our business management consultants can help you answer these questions.

Working to make sure your investment pays off

You don't need Lead Advisory Group to figure out where you want to be. That's easy. The hard part is getting there. Your investment in your business may add up to 10, 15 or even 20 years of personal sacrifice and commitment. Our wealth of experienced advisors and accountants can work with you to help ensure your investment pays off.

A good business strategy consultant provides a turnkey process that starts with personal goal setting and moves through business strategy, monitoring and reporting, performance improvement and developing an effective team.

Getting started with good strategy

The start is aligning your business objectives with your personal objectives. As one of the leading management consulting firms in Bendigo, we measure the relative importance of your business to your longer term financial prosperity and outline the tasks needed to get your personal affairs in order.

We consider these important areas:

Personal Finances: review your income, tax, risk, superannuation and retirement.

Your connection with your business: your role in the business, the supporting team, readiness for sale and the level of management systems.

Your quality of life: a review of your health, appetite to continue to drive the business, enjoyment, work life balance, outside interests and 'life plan'.

Keeping everything on track

Business strategy depends on the level of implementation and monitoring, and reporting is the very heart of starting the road to success. This includes financial and non-financial information to keep the strategy of the business on track and when issues arise, to take corrective action.

Our commitment goes way beyond the presentation of a report. We follow through and work with you to project manage the process through actions, responsibilities and timelines for all initiatives identified in the process. At all times, you – the business owner – are actively involved in the process.

Driving efficiency and building an elite team

It is important to identify where the business is not performing to plan. Our professional advisory team at Lead Advisory Group can deal with underperformance by identifying the problem and solving it. Many small businesses are dependent on the owner, which often limits value, creates stress and acts as a hand brake on business growth.

We are a strong believer in team development. To build a successful business you need to develop an elite team. Your team is a fundamental part of your business. A strong team is essential if you want to fully realise your investment, particularly if you decide to transition out of the business and want to ensure its ongoing success.

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